Must do ten habits!

Must do ten habits!

What are your self-imposed limits? Which do you need to push? When have you found that you were much stronger than you thought?

1. Remarkable people give up playing it safe.1. 杰出人士行事不走安乐之道。 No one has ever achieved greatness by playing it safe. And ironically, in this very rapidly changing world, playing it safe is one of the riskiest things you can do. To get back on track means being brave and fearless, because playing it safe is deciding you don’t want to grow anymore.行事讲究万全之人难以创造伟大。而且讽刺的是,在这个瞬息万变的世界,小心谨慎、不敢冒险可算是一件最为冒险的事。东山再起意味着勇敢无畏,因为谨慎得不敢冒险正表现出你决定不再有任何成长。

2. Remarkable people give up self-doubt.2. 杰出人士不会自我怀疑。 The truth, of course, is that everyone experiences self-doubt at times. But you can’t allow your doubt to keep you stuck. Remind yourself of how far you’ve come, remember everything you’ve been through and had to face, think about the battles you’ve won and all the fears you’ve overcome. Don’t give doubt room to take hold.当然事实是,每个人都有怀疑自我的时候,可是你不能深陷自我怀疑而止步不前。提醒你自己在人生之路上已经走了多远,记住所有你经历过、需要面对的事,想一想你赢得的人生战役以及你克服了的所有恐惧。不要给自我怀疑留有空间。

3. Remarkable people give up being baffled.3. 杰出人士不让自己迷茫。 When things don’t work out and when they go wrong, it’s because there is something for you to learn. But you can’t learn if you’re stuck trying the same thing over and over. Break free and approach problems from a different direction.当事情进展不顺利、出现问题时,这是因为你需要学习。但如果你一直在做同样的事情,那你不可能学到任何东西。挣脱束缚,从新的视角来解决问题。

4. Remarkable people give up self-judgment.4. 杰出人士不会对自己苛责。 Judging anyone harshly–especially yourself–is never useful, and being overly critical is never productive. If you feel like everyone else is judging you, ask yourself if you’re really hearing your own voice. Treat yourself with the compassion and care you’d give to someone else.严厉审视他人,尤其是如此对你自己,是没有用处的。而且太过苛刻从不会带来多大成效。如果你感觉其他所有人都在评判你,那么扪心自问你是否真的在听从心声。用你会给予他人的宽容和关怀对待自己。

5. Remarkable people give up disillusionment.5. 杰出人士不会自我麻痹。 Nothing worthwhile is easy; the most difficult challenges are often the most rewarding and satisfying.毫无意义的事容易完成,而最难克服的挑战总是那些回报最高、最令人满意的事。

6. Remarkable people give up being controlled by others.6. 杰出人士不会受他人控制。 It might be tempting to let others make decisions for you, especially when you feel off track, but if anything, that creates even bigger problems. Tap into your own passion to move beyond the obstacles in your way.也许让他人帮你做决定很诱人,尤其是在你觉得事情超出自己把控时。可是如果这样做,这甚至将给你带来更大的问题。汇集自身的热情来跨越阻挡你的障碍。

7. Remarkable people give up being stuck.7. 杰出人士不会一根筋。 Letting go does not mean giving up but accepting there are things in life that should not be. Letting go is often what it takes to become stronger, happier, and more successful in the long run.放手不意味着放弃,而是承认有些事是其生命中不该有的。就长期而言,放手总是让人变得更坚强、快乐,并取得更大的成功。

8. Remarkable people give up being derailed.8. 杰出人士不会受外界阻挠。 Try to focus on what you are aiming at instead of what is derailing you.试着关注你的目标,而非那些会阻碍你的事。

9. Remarkable people give up negativity.9. 杰出人士不会消极待事。 Positive thinking isn’t about expecting the best thing to happen every time; it’s about accepting that whatever happens is good for the moment and then making the best of it. Be positive and give up focusing on what is negative.思想积极不是期待每次事情都有最美满的结局。它是指无论发生什么都坦然接受,认为其对那一时刻有益,并使之发挥最大效益。积极向上,别只在意消极的一面。

10. Remarkable people give up being perfect.10. 杰出人士不追求极致完美。 Know that we all have two choices: Either we do nothing and give into procrastination, or we start chasing our dreams, our visions, our ideas. Begin by doing something, don’t wait for perfect. Even if it’s not exactly the right direction, just get up and start moving.我们要知晓所有人都有两种选择——要么无所事事、拖拖拉拉;要么开始追逐我们的梦想,努力实现我们心中的愿景与想法。开始动手去做吧,别想着事事完美。即使你选择的方向不对,也要站起来,开始行动。


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