I don’t write, but I have Pen and ink soul

I  don’t  write, but I have Pen and ink soul

I do n’t know when I fell in love with the text, I like its long-lasting ink fragrance, I like the whisper with low eyebrows, I like the contemplation of concealment, I like the perception of life, I like to release a sense of innocence in the text, I like everything The faith of true, kind, and true, I really like to use words to pass my inner loneliness, so every late night, I want to write a lot of books, eloquent words, I want to send every spring breeze to every corner of the world, I want to give every kind of life Experience has turned into a feeling of life.

He hid his sorrow deeply, so the world lost a desolation, a word of incense, quiet as a clear pond, moving like ripples, is the most beautiful Danqing gallery on earth.

Women who fall in love with words have their beauty blended internally and externally. Although this beauty is not gorgeous, it is beyond the reach of mediocre women. Walking on the road of red dust, they are just a splendid landscape that embellishes every aspect of life. An intersection; their beauty does not need language to explain, their laughter composes the most beautiful melody in the world, and their eyes full of style or sadness are the deepest night sky, the brightest one hits the moonlight.

Women who fall in love with words are women who have charms, and have a kind of strong book fragrance. They are not necessarily beautiful, but they have deep cultural heritage, a certain literary accomplishment, and they have a beautiful garden of knowledge. With their own inner temperament, they are enthralling, that is, they are different. They have rich experience in life, talking about poems and essays, floating in the fragrance of speech, and sparse shadows in the poems. They use unique writing and delicate carving. With their joy and sorrow and joy, tell about their unique and wonderful life.

The woman who falls in love with text is a sentimentally thin plum blossoming alone; it is a quiet and fresh Orchid, refreshing; the bones always have a fragile and delicate love thread, woven in those long-seal, no one read In their poem pages; their poems may be clear and beautiful, their charms are flying, or they may be lingering. But they are all silently constricted in the deepest corner of the red dust; perhaps even deeper, they will cry alone in the lonely night, so Fell in love with the rain, fell in love with the night, fell in love with loneliness, fell in love with words with ink, wrote sadness, and watched the time pass, feeling the indifference of the world, want to use the most true feelings, go Warm so many cold eyes, no one’s night, sighed, sighed only the shallowness of his strength.

A woman who falls in love with text is an outstanding poem that is difficult to read, such as a pool of clear water in the moonlight, such as a quiet lily blooming in the corner, travels through time, enters Tang poetry and Song poetry, and regards herself as poetic rhyme. Soul, I hope that every night of the starry night, take Li Qingzhao’s hand to warm her ancient desolation; I hope to wipe out Nalan Xingde’s puppet and take him away from that troubled official world; I hope to quietly tell Shi Niang, do n’t I will spend the rest of my life waiting for the promise of obsolescence; I hope that Li Bai will have a good wine to help him write poetry of the atmosphere; I hope it will turn into a ray of spring breeze, a touch of new green, and add a ray of red sleeves to the ancients, let them out of confusion.

Women who fall in love with text all have a beautiful dream. Even if they have missed the age of dreaming, they also like to find a warm harbor, take a nap, and find amorous dreams, and they add a lot of care, dreams in dreams In addition, she gradually matured, her anger and sorrow ceased to be all-embracing, she quietly condensed all her feelings, packed them in the deepest corner of her heart, and put on her clothes, with a firm eye, facing the muddy and difficult life, or her persistence. Belief, look at every twists and turns.

The woman who falls in love with text is a glass of tender warm water, implicitly restrained, with a lilac-like atmosphere in her chest. The gray memories of life are gradually deposited, and she learns not to blame the heavens and others, and complains, even if she grows old one day, That kind and warm heart will never be deserted. They know how to adjust themselves, how to spend one after another, and the smile on the corner of their mouths makes their smiles more beautiful and elegant. Under each peaceful sky , Warm feelings flow like a silent music.

The woman who falls in love with words is amorous and charming. From the inside out, she exudes a delicate and melancholy atmosphere, her veins of affectionate eyes, looking back at the thousands of styles of smiles, letting everyone’s eyes linger. Like a novel with delicate feelings, it is no longer flashy, knows how to filter emotions, and will yearn for those sincere and lasting love, and silently bless the one he once loved once and for all in the dark. Write well. When the tears face the blurred direction, they are more silent, focus on waiting, focus on thinking, focus on loneliness. The whole person, the whole heart, are drenched by the ruthless night rain and taste alone. From the wounds left by love, let me wear beautiful clothes for my sorrow, because of deep love, I am full of injuries.

A woman who falls in love with text is a woman who is too informal, and trivial matters and carelessness will only add unnecessary trouble to us; let go of your heart and have a broad mind, you can get real happiness, and life’s frustrations always It is like a shadow that hides with everyone, in fact, it is a test of life. They do n’t like things and do n’t take their own grief, they are calm and calm about life, they are wise and smart, they keep a sincere joy in their hearts, and calmly handle them, even if every sharp point in life, they also survive in silence. Each step is written with a dedication to life, a love for words, and each text is a song hidden in their hearts.

In reality, maybe they are not beautiful, but their words and deeds contain the richness of their inner emotions and the profound writing skills. They have a kind and beautiful heart, understand the people, warm their hearts, and guide the confused in the dark. Direction; they can live a simple life, but they ca n’t change their minds, they can be aggrieved by others, but they still do n’t lose their self-esteem. And tedious life, on the road of life, try to grasp the direction of your own progress.

A song of red dust is euphemistic and long in their writings, sad scenes of the past, and tears have erupted before they moved; they are like pear blossoms after the rain, ink rhyme and fragrance, they are like the white lotus blooming on the Tianshan Mountain, and the blue heart is sweet , Away from the hustle and bustle of the world, they are like fragrant red wine.

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